Sunday, June 29, 2014

How to train yor dragon 2

Today I watched HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2. It was much better than the first one because in the first one they're not really friends with the dragons but in this one they are and other people want their dragons. My favorite part was when Hiccup found his mom and he saw all the dragons. It was pretty cool because there were so many different colors of dragons.

  Another part, which was funny, was when all the dragons were taken over by the evil dragon. Hiccup and his friends had to ride the baby dragons because the baby dragons don't listen to anyone so when they were riding them they kept crashing into things. I thought that was very funny.

At the end Toothless became the alpha which controls all dragons and lots and lots of dragons came to Berk and I am hoping that they will make another movie. Maybe next movie they will go looking for other night furies and then someone captures them.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

No talking

Last month in my class we had a no talking contest because we read this book called "No talking" and in the book the forth grade has a no talking contest between the boys and girls and in the end there is a tie. So in ouer classmwe had a contest and I am pritty shure that the boys won but i'm also pritty shure that our teacher forgot about it so we never got the scores. I hope you read theis book and have fun with it.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Lizards are a kind of reptile and are cold blooded which means that they have to sit in the sun to get warm unlike humans who's blood is naturally warm or warm blooded. this is a bearded dragon and it lives in a desert in Australia and they are very good pets. I know because I have neat home and I have had him for over two years and he is the size of the lizard in the picture.

some lizards can re grow there tail for example when a bird attacks a lizard it will let go of its tail and will grow a new one within a month or so. different lizards have different ways of defending themselves  like the bearded dragon puffs up to make itself look bigger and to puff out there spikes. all lizards have scales to protect there skin. Well thats it for now goodbye

Friday, May 30, 2014

Testing season is apon us

Testing finished a while ago but I wanted to make a post about it. I thought that it was pretty easy but some questions did dent make sense to me. I liked testing because  We did not have  to work other then the test. We also got to go outside after we finished. The ELA test was first I think that it was harder then the math test by half an inch. most of the problems were multiple choice questions but some of them were not. 

The math test was so easy and I didn't have any trouble with it so thats it for now goodbye.

My Audience

I have just publicized my blog and I have 15 page views and 2 comments. I hope a lot of people view my blog.  It feels cool to have the world reading my writing. It is sad that I got 0 page views on my birthday. I have three posts and this is my forth post. Eventually I think that my blog will be really big.

                Today I learned that some cool things that I had on my blog where not good because they where leading my audience some where else so I got rid of them because I want as big an audience I can get . so that is all for now bye.

Hawaiian language

 Hi  it been a while since I posted  so lets get started.

HAWAIIAN                                                                       ENGLISH

  • A'ole Piliki'a                                                                        - No problem
  • I lå maika'i!   - Have a great day!
  • 'Ae - yes
  • Aloha - hello/godbye
  • Aloha'auinala - good afternoon
  • Aloha'oe - farewell to you
  • Akamai - smart/clever/intelligent
We are in contact with some people in Hawaii. and we want to do something abut Hawaii. They ended school last week on friday the 23 so they will not see this post. So Aloha/goodbye. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Me 2013

This is my presentation about me hope you enjoy the presentation below.

Thank you for watching the presentation about me.